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Blood Collection Needle Flashback Type
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Blood Collection Needle Flashback Type

Visiable Blood Flow Back
Single package with label
  • 16G-23G
  • Eastern Medtech
  • 90183210
Product Description

Blood Collection 6

Product Features:
_ Perfect fit with Needle holder or use directly with Blood collection tube
_ Self-made double tip cannula to ensure low penetration force for comfitable use and realse tissue damage
_ Latex free self-sealing rubber sleeve to protect needle tip and prevent blood flowing out
_ Colour coded needle sheath and hub for easy identification during use
_ Available for safety type and visible blood back collection needles

Code Needle Gauge Color Code
EMBCNPF21380 21Gx1 1/2"  0.80x38mm Green
EMBCNPF21250 21Gx1"       0.80x25mm Green
EMBCNPF22380 22Gx1 1/2"  0.70x38mm Black
EMBCNPF22250 22Gx1"       0.70x25mm Black
EMBCNPF23380 23Gx1 1/2"  0.60x38mm Deep Blue
EMBCNPF23250 23Gx1"       0.60x25mm Deep Blue